Amanda Richards

Amanda Richards is a Brooklyn based designer focused on sculptural lighting. She graduated from F.I.T. with a BFA in sculpture in 2014. From 2014-2019 she worked for Fernando Mastrangelo as his lead sculptor. She has now branched out to start her own lighting design studio. Her first pair of sconces were debuted at In Good Company in 2017. She has since been working with New York interior design firms to collaborate on high end residential projects. 

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Atra is a design studio where artistic and industrial know-how converge in a team of multidisciplinary artists, designers, and architects. The collaborative nature of the work is the driving creative force behind their ventures and vision. Unpretentious beauty, practicality, and timelessness are the defining tenets of the Atra aesthetic. This means that all pieces are created with the craftsmanship of an objet d'art, but are designed to be full participants in the spaces they live in by providing comfort and meeting the demands of everyday living.

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Bailey Fontaine

Bailey Fontaine is an emerging lighting and furniture designer based in Brooklyn. Bailey’s process, to expect the unexpected is beguilingly simple, yet yields materially expressive pieces that uncover intriguing new potential for everyday objects. Though his career is just beginning, two recent honors pave a promising path forward: Maison & Objet’s prestigious Rising Talent Award and participation in Fernando Mastrangelo’s In Good Company exhibition.

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Bakuza Olguin was born in Oaxaca, a city internationally known for its art and culture. She was always surrounded by artists; her father is a well-known visual artist and her mother a photographer, her grandparents are art collectors etc. This background influenced Bakuza to explore various disciplines in the art world. She worked as a model for nine years and studied acting, film, and photography. Bakuza started making collage with the magazines that her parents were discarding. She have always been attracted by women's faces and transforming them into magical creatures (queens, devils etc.) or just letting the story tell itself. Bakuza's work constantly seeks to capture feminine power and sensuality. She loves the possibility to be able to create so many images from one, as if her subconscious is making a puzzle without knowing what the result will be.

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Birnam Wood Studio

Birnam Wood Studio is the unlimited edition furniture studio of NYC-based artist Brecht Wright Gander. Founded in 2017 Birnam Wood Studio Treats Functionality as a ground plane for aesthetic play. Making materials spark, become molten, desiccate, oxidize, exhale, and twist is the crux of their research-driven practice. Produced through experiment and experience, through mallet and chisel, drawing on fine craft and restless exploration, the works are the culmination of many collisions.

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BlackTable Studio

BLACKTABLE Studio was born in 2013 as Carlos Meza’s personal response to the
corporate architectural life he experienced in his first years living in New York. The
studio’s creative processes are rooted in Architectural techniques and driven by the
influence of digital manufacturing technologies and traditional handcraft techniques. For
the Brooklyn Design Show, we are proud to share four pieces inspired by classical
architecture that play with fluted columns, volume and architectural partition framing.

This collection explores the seams of architectonic partitions through voluptuous curves
that invite the user to experience them through touch.

Deemed one of the “six emerging furniture designers to know” by the New York
Times, BlackTable Studio’s creations have wowed clients like WeWork, Hermès,
Fendi, and Bulgari in New York City.

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Brad Fisher

A bonafide painter, Brad Fisher was born in Southern California, though after decades living in the city considers himself a New York artist. Fisher has shown extensively in the Hamptons and New York City throughout the span of his over 20 year career. His work encompases themes of humanity, animal companions - particularly dogs, architecture, and sexuality.

Fisher's passion for his art has created a dedicated collector base, including Hollywood and New York icons such as Renée Zellwegger, Drew Barrymore, Designer John Barlett, and Photographers Richard Phibbs, and Arnaldo Anaya. Fisher has also appeared as a model for Ralph Lauren and J Crew, which has led to an art following with the fashion set.

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Brecht Wright Gander

Brecht Wright Gander is an artist who specializes in limited-edition collectible design. There’s an eloquence in Gander’s responses that invokes a deep sense of trust in his practice. His foundation is functionality, his form a perfect combination of aesthetic play and technical acumen. Each piece feels slightly haphazard, but functional considerations begin to emerge.

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Casey Haugh

Casey Haugh graduated from Pratt Institute in 2009 with a BFA in Painting. He has been painting color field abstract expressionism for over a decade. Although some works have titles, Casey encourages the viewer to interpret the subject matter on their own. While Casey takes the act of painting very seriously he does not intend these paintings to be viewed as "serious" works. Rather he would prefer them to be viewed as a feast for the viewer's eyes or a maze of colors and shapes that the viewer bounces around and occasionally gets lost in. Casey believes that the purpose of these paintings is to allow the viewer to take a break from the day-to-day stresses of life and become immersed in a world of color and shape. Utilizing techniques of “push and pull” Casey manipulates the acrylic and oil paints to form mesmerizing compositions. Casey hopes that the viewer feels the excitement and freedom he tries to convey with his gestural and rhythmic style in each work. 

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Christopher Miano

For Christopher Miano, every project is an opportunity to explore processes and combine age-old craft with modern techniques in his coherent design style. Christopher works directly with clients to concept out, design, and fabricate pieces that lean heavily on handcraftsmanship and superior materials, like high-end woods, Carrara marble, and beautiful metals. From first sketch to final product, Christopher is intimately involved in every step, resulting in unique designs with an heirloom quality.

A graduate of Parsons The New School of Design, Christopher was invited to study at the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. His products can be seen at One World Observatory on top of New York City's World Trade Center and other design boutiques such as McNally Jackson, Good For The Study and Fair Folks and a Goat. Previous clients & Collaboration include Tom Sachs, Wolfgang Puck, 214 Lafayette, Optimum Diamonds, Epicurious, FOOD&WINE, bon appétit, The Plaza at Harvard University, JCW Risk Management, Starbucks, and Condé Nast, among others. Christopher resides in New York City with his shop dog Hunter.

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Edward Granger

Edward Granger is one of the most sought after abstract geometric artists in the industry, having built his reputation off his unique interpretation of color, light and shape to create a fantasy world that encourages playfulness and possibility into an often- anxious world. Taking inspiration from the cultural revolution sparked by Memphis Milano, his work seeks to challenge one’s physical and emotional state by using color as a healing tool that reintroduces individuals to imagination and discovery.

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FACTURE is a contemporary art furniture company headed by designer, Quincy Ellis. He creates dynamic molded works from resin from his studio based-in . His work experiments endlessly with light, color, and transparency. The exploration of these three concepts is central to all of the brand's work. They are constantly refining designs by playing with colors, shades, shift patterns, opacities, and interior core colors.

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Fernando Mastrangelo

Fernando Mastrangelo is a Brooklyn-Based artist who is best known for his collection of collectible design, as well as his large scale sculptures, and experimental installations. All of Mastrangelo's works are sculpted by hand from natural or repurposed materials, such as sand, salt, silica, and crushed glass. His passionate concern with ecological issues continues to influence his growing design language. Mastrangelo's works have been exhibited at Art Basel, Salone del Mobile in Milano, and Design Pavilion in Times Square. He has designed custom commissioned works from top-tier international brands like Audemars Piguet, Stella McCartney, and Dior. 

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Henrik Sandner

Henrik Sandner's abstract paintings are a vivid imagination of life, exploring the full range of human experience, emotion, and thought. Sandner strives to paint experiences through the eyes of the people and environment he observes around him. The artist uses intense brushstrokes, pattern, texture, line work, color, and movement to create his unique compositions. To create texture and contrast, Sandner mixes sand with some of his paint, adding a three dimensional element to his paintings. 

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Ian Alistair Cochran

Ian Alistair Cochran is a designer who is excited by unconventional materials and the relationship that emerges in working with them. He makes contemporary art furniture in resin, fiberglass, composites, and continues to explore other materials not typically used in the design world. Ian’s Plump furniture series has garnered significant press and fanfare.

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iota Hand Stitched

Since being established in 2014, iota designs signature rugs, poufs, stools, home accessories and a swing collection, all hand made from their exclusive selection of yarns.

As a social business, iota provides work for underprivileged communities. Their hand work is carried out by women working from their homes. They teach them the skill and supply work for them. They believe in women empowerment and giving back to society. Their yarns are bespoke. Designed and produced exclusively by iota, from highest quality cotton and polyester. They are a new, contemporary interpretation of luxury textile creating meticulous and one-of-a-kind furniture. They work with vast, bold color pallets and designs which convey both emotion and innovation.

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John Anderson

Based in the Mad River Valley, Vermont artist John Anderson produces a variety of fine art, architectural murals and custom art tables, while also taking on creatively challenging residential architecture projects and product design work. 

John Anderson describes his process as kind of a meditative practice were the repetitive pencil strokes tune out the world around him. His work includes repetitive graphite strokes to create intense metallic contrast, subtle color strokes, and the effect of negative space by having white lines be the paper itself. The challenge of controlling messy graphite between intricate geometric abstractions demonstrates intense time dedication to each unique piece.

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Jon James

Jon James is a painter who currently works and lives in Manhattan. His work is created by dripping paint across and down the canvas in repetition, creating an intensely layered and textured surface which become three-dimensional. He does this without the aid of rulers or computer imaging.
Jon moved to NYC after graduating from Cornell with degrees in painting and photography, where his work immediately caught the eye of collectors like Sarah Meltzer and Richard Sachs. His painting have sold worldwide to corporate and private collections. 

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Joseph Conrad-Ferm

Joseph Conrad-Ferm is a self taught painter who did not discover his need to paint until age 26. With over 1,000 finished works on paper, canvas, and wood, Ferm's paintings are in public and private collections worldwide. His work is extensively used by interior designers and has been featured in design publications in the US. He currently resides in Cape Cod, MA.

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Jt. Pfeiffer

Jt.Pfeiffer's collection of luxury art rugs is the outcome of a lifetime experience engaged in the design world, involving creative direction, interior design and visual communication. Julia’s work includes collaborations and commissions with renowned large-scale projects such as hotels, residential and commercial buildings, interior design for private residences, public areas, along with product, furniture, and graphic design, as well as brand identity for numerous clients.

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Maria Beckmann

Maria Beckmann is a Mexican multidisciplinary designer; she specializes in interior architecture, furniture, and lighting design (DUMO). Utilizing a combination of wood, leather, and hand-made textiles, all of her work is customizable for each unique space.


As an independent designer, Maria has collaborated with architectural firms such as Legorreta Architects, Serrano Monajaraz Architects, and Ignacio Urquiza Architects. She has additionally created custom projects for Archipiélago MX, Joselo Cafe, among other special corporate projects and private residences.

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Moses Nadel

Moses Nadel was founded in 2013 by Lara and Moses Nadel. The design company offers limited edition and bespoke leather goods hand crafted by a team of local artisans in New York, combining materials individually selected for their essential luxury and integrity. Their fundamental love for aesthetics and function is at the core of their creations. Their design process involves extraordinary attention to elemental purity, artistic simplicity and an exceptional level of detail. 

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Nick Missel Studio

Nick Missel is a Philadelphia based artist influenced by an Anthropocentric worldview based on the human effect on the earth. Missel sees the work as a form of ‘cultural archeology’ choosing objects that sit on the periphery of our attention and wanting to give them new life. Like the negative of a photograph the objects maintain a similarity to their original form but transform to have their own identity. “I wanted to make responsive sculptures that you could interact with” and silicone has become an integral part of the work for Missel, melding sculpture and furniture together. Missel has exhibited work at In Good Company, receiving best in show, A/D/O, and Socrates Sculpture Park.

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RJ Raizk

The work of RJ Raizk tends to resemble the internal and external environment that he immerses and surrounds himself with. Currently living in New York, his process consists of using applications consisting of repetitive and free flowing strokes to create works that are complex structurally but rhythmic visually. For his paintings, the artist’s method of bleeding pigments and stains through solid paint and other mediums results in what resembles a dying or staining process. The cellular structure of plants and the cosmos and his method of bleeding pigments and stains through solid paint are inspiration to his pattern and paint work.

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Ruby Kean

Ruby Kean is a New York based artist and Interior Designer from London. Her Seven year career in hotel design has informed a style which encompasses colour depth and texture. Ruby has spent the last 4 years as Head of Design New York at Firmdale Hotels where she has honed an understanding of interior design centred around intrigue, charm and storytelling. Kean’s work has a distinctive perspective on the possibilities of interiors through craft. Through the alchemy of Design, Art and Handmade decorative objects, Kean’s work culminates in a style that is wonderfully layered and curated.

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Ruvan Wijesooriya

Ruvan Wijesooriya's documentary approach to photography explores a universal and nostalgic visual language of the world around us. His landscapes, portraits, aerial perspectives, nature series, and journalistic work are motivated by his on-going study of beauty and the feminine. Ruvan is currently based in New York City.

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Sang Eui Kim

Sang Eui Kim was born in China in 1940. The artist was raised in both North and South Korea, he lives in Southern California. His works reflect a conscious and unconscious endeavor to fuse the Eastern spirit with that of the West, to create a new world through artistic means, by allowing the lines and patches of colors to dance freely.

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TF Vintage

A timeless manifestation of design with the carefully selected curated vintage collection by Tuleste Factory. Preserving the embodied essence of each time period, each restored piece stands out by its juxtaposition of bygone eras combined with contemporary sceneries. Refurbished to impeccable condition each design brings a strong presence of glamour and grit to any room.

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Timbur is an experienced digital fabrication studio that explores the intersection of

design, materiality, and robotics as a source for re-imagining the natural world.
Founded in 2009 by architect Ezra Ardolino, Timbur has developed distinctive projects for some of the world’s leading architects, designers, artists and brands. Stack and Bark are the result of Timbur’s foray into product design, pulling from their deep roots in digital fabrication and robotics engineering to create unique objects that blur the line between hi-tech and handcrafted.


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Tony DeVoney

Tony DeVoney is a self taught visual artist from Louisiana. DeVoney draws concepts from emotional reflection, movement and color energies. The artist, driven by an idea of stimulation, reaches for the senses through his detailed use of texture and layered hues. Working with acrylics and new forms of abstractions DeVoney’s practice tends to mold to his environment, often experimenting with various fabrics, mediums and instruments to attain new discoveries in perceptual identities. With experimentation and consistency in exploration at the forefront, the artist continues to strive for evolution in each new body of work.

DeVoney has built a varied portfolio having worked for clients such as HP as well as created for artists like Miley Cyrus, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Adam Lambert.

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Ward Roberts

Ward Roberts is an independent conceptual artist who creates exquisitely composed photographs drawing on themes such as the effects of loneliness and isolation in the modern world. Roberts’ work is in many ways a rebuttal of the prevailing trend of urban, gritty style contemporary photography. He is currently based in New York.

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Winston Cuevas

Winston Cuevas (b. 1993, Chicago) is an American multidisciplinary designer creating work at the nexus of radicalism and refinement. Concerned with advancing design at the intersection of high concept and high craft, he also explores its rhetorical, poetic, and emotional potential and seeks to blur the delineation of the fine art and collectible design worlds.

Established in 2020, his eponymous studio focuses on private client commissioned furniture, objects and lighting as well as interior projects internationally.

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