“The Zone” investigates the possibility of creating a fusion between the present and future, of luminosity and vastness, of technology and physical materials. It explores the possibility that there may be many parallel worlds out of sight that are not accessible to the human eye…as the space between them expands more rapidly than the light of that other universe moves. Inspired by cinematic gems that have a teleportive effect such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Skin I Live In, “The Zone” is a metaphorical space that proclaims innovation and appeals to concentration and motivation through the prism of luxurious comfort.

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Tuleste Factory is presenting a diverse selection of talented artists whose works feature melodic earth tones, creating a tranquil and introspective atmosphere that encourages the mind to relax and explore.

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Tuleste Factory

An art and design gallery located in the heart of Chelsea. Created and curated by Satu and Celeste Greenberg, The Factory is a quintessential New York loft space featuring a rotating roster of designers and artists ranging from furniture, design objects, photography, and fine art. 

To create an engaging dialogue between the object, the space, and the visitor, the gallery masquerades itself like an open living room hosting a curated selection of art pieces. When entering the Factory, you are transported into a world where the room and walls work in a symbiotic symphony granting you an unforgettable New York experience.


Based in Mexico City, Sten Studio is tackling the beauty and mystery of natural phenomena through the use of crystals in contemporary furniture and bespoke decorative objects. It was instinctual for owner and creative director José Miguel Schnaider to be inspired by the vast complexity of our natural world. After all, he regularly held that vastness in the palm of his hands.

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Established in 2019 by Alessandro Giacomelli and Dominique Wolniewicz, Diaphan is a design studio born as a fusion of the duo’s skills, know-how and true passion for art. The studio is committed to excellence in design and craftsmanship, striving to set new standards of quality and visual effects by fusing light together with carefully crafted objects.



Bailey-Barker's abstract sculptures draw from symbolism and objects he studies, using materials associated with both agriculture and industry to provoke an association between the industrial born from technological development and its ancient spiritual origins.



CEU Studio is a multidisciplinary practice that works at the intersection of design, architecture and timeless craftsmanship to create a collection of soulful treasures for daily living.

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Exit Ceren

EXIT is an art project and a design brand founded by spatial designer and artist Ceren Arslan. The brand specializes in concept architecture, spatial design, and storytelling. EXIT’s work spans a range of disciplines, including set design, creative direction, experience and interior design in physical form and it is a design catalog in digital media.

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Through & Through

Camila Varon Jaramillo

Raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Camila moved to New York to study at Parsons School of Design where she obtained a BFA in Architectural Design in 2017, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Painting at School of Visual Arts. Working as an architect, designer, and artist over the past 10 years, Camila has worked in design and production for pavilions at the London Design Biennale and PMQ Hong Kong.

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Abi Polinsky

Abi Polinsky is a photographer and visual artist based in New York City. His process comprises extravagant set design, experimental lighting, and color processing. “Dreamscapes” features the artist's most unconstrained work to date. Polinsky fully submits to his instincts, uninhibited by rational thought or reason.

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Lyora Pissarro x The Allaux Brothers

Lyora’s new exhibition in collaboration with The Allaux Brothers “Mindscapes," at Tuleste Factory combines new technology with traditional techniques to explore the fluctuating nature of internal and external landscapes. Rooted in impressionistic theories of light, Pissarro paints utopian landscapes. Each of the artworks in this series are sold with a unique NFT, a light art projection mapped design by the Allaux Brothers.

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Yonathan Moore's light sculptures were developed through an investigation into the optical qualities and sculptural possibilities of acrylic. Yonathan decided to use light phenomenons as the element to evoke curiosity within us to visualize the untold histories he had studied.

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ANDEAN by Alejandro Moyano

Alejandro’s focus is on developing social design projects that mark an immediate difference in contemporary issues. The form of the designs is shaped by his close relation to Ecuador’s traditional methods and aesthetics, influenced by his experience in furniture design and love of woodworking.

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Brandi Howe

Brandi Howe’s work functions as a dose of the surreal in an often mundane world. As an artist and creative director, her transcendent vision connects her set design, furniture design, interior design, fashion and textile design. Soft and lush, her Biomorphic mirrors are a testament to her hyper charged aesthetic.

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