Tuleste Factory

An art and design gallery located in the heart of Chelsea. Created and curated by Satu and Celeste Greenberg, The Factory is a quintessential New York loft space featuring a rotating roster of designers and artists ranging from furniture, design objects, photography, and fine art. 

To create an engaging dialogue between the object, the space, and the visitor, the gallery masquerades itself like an open living room hosting a curated selection of art pieces. When entering the Factory, you are transported into a world where the room and walls work in a symbiotic symphony granting you an unforgettable New York experience.


Paul Sende, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, bridges the gap between the analog and digital realms through his artistic endeavors. With a focus on abstraction and geometry rooted in perception, he employs a variety of techniques and tools to bring his vision to life.

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Over the past decade, Roham Shamekh has been a trailblazer in pioneering a unique approach to transgressive design, seamlessly blending art with his keen introspective observations of the world.



For over 35 years Jerry Ross Barrish has collected found materials and objects, mostly plastic, to create figurative assemblages. Calling himself a narrative artist, he works with industrial epoxy and screws to secure the objects to each other, making figures, animals, birds, and sometimes larger installations of these sculptures in what he calls “tableaux.”



In 2015 Gabriel and Brooke Anderson launched their furniture brand, Gabriel Dean Design. Sothebys called them “designers to watch” and indeed they have quickly gained recognition for their pieces which effortlessly inhabit the space between rigorous mathematical precision and an almost whimsical freedom of form. Now Gabriel and Brooke are taking the same sensibilities that have made their furniture so successful and applying them to the field of interior design, with their new venture: Dean & Dahl.

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Celebrating the essence of womanhood, Makaroff's art explores a visual universe free from constraints, characterized by vibrant colors and a touch of whimsical humor. Her work reflects a diverse palette of influences, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and imagination.

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Haris Fazlani is a multi-disciplinary designer and creative director based in New York City. Fazlani started his career as a self-taught art director working with fashion-forward musicians, a passion he pursues to this day.

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Belén Ordovás Lladó is a versatile artist known for her multidisciplinary approach, often delving into materials and techniques that demand patience and repetition. In her latest exhibition, she unveils a captivating series titled "Oscillations."

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