Lyora Pissarro

Lyora Pissarro is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She completed her formal education at Hunter College in NYC after doing her foundation year at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The artist focuses on painting utopian landscapes. She explores the idealistic by embracing technology and layering light art into her canvases. Described as the “ultimate young painter” in GQ magazine, Lyora Pissarro has held exhibitions in New York, Texas, Boston, Utah and London. Her public art installations can also be found amongst the desertscape in Ventucopa, North of Los Angeles. Lyora also holds intimate art classes and lectures at the renowned Crosby Street Hotel.

Lyora’s new exhibition in collaboration with The Allaux Brothers “Mindscapes," at Tuleste Factory combines new technology with traditional techniques to explore the fluctuating nature of internal and external landscapes. Rooted in impressionistic theories of light, Pissarro paints utopian landscapes. However, Pissarro’s work looks beyond fleeting moments. By embracing light art to accentuate her oil on board work, Pissarro captures the fluid quality of nature as a reflection of the inner self. The combination of technology and traditional techniques allows the artist to explore the malleability of life and the possibility that comes with it. Lyora's work is a synthesis and a bridge between the past and future, humans and nature, mind and body, technology and myth. Her paintings stand at the focal point between history and the imminent future, the realized and the imagined.