Roham Shamekh

Over the past decade, Roham Shamekh has been a trailblazer in pioneering a unique approach to transgressive design, seamlessly blending art with his keen introspective observations of the world. His creations boldly defy conformity, embracing intuition and existential contemplation to craft multidisciplinary compositions that effortlessly transition between contrasting intensities. Emerging as a leading figure in progressive experiential design in the Middle East, Shamekh's eponymous anti-conformist label, established in 2016 and based in Dubai, has garnered widespread acclaim for its innovative floral and tattoo collections, bringing compelling storytelling to life in design. With an insatiable commitment to challenging conventions and fostering positive change, Shamekh's avant-garde creations effortlessly transcend traditional boundaries, sparking a global dialogue and captivating audiences, particularly among Generation Z. The resonance of his works among his generation reflects the same deep-seated desire for self-expression, unconventionality, and deviation from the norm.