Winston Cuevas

Winston Cuevas (b. 1993, Chicago) is an American multidisciplinary designer creating

work at the nexus of radicalism and refinement. Concerned with advancing design at the intersection of high concept and high craft, he also explores its rhetorical, poetic, and emotional potential and seeks to blur the delineation of the fine art and collectible design worlds.

Cuevas’ debut collections are titled Natural Allusions, The Fountain of Youth, and Memento Mori. These collections function as dramatic stages for his liminal art and design objects which perform like actors in a conceptual play. Drawing inspiration from the Italian Radical period of the 1960s, Cuevas’ work seeks to further the tradition and legacy of radical design. His design objects serve as platforms for artistic expression, encapsulations of his own philosophical and poetical viewpoints on subjects like nature, youth and death.

Established in 2020, his eponymous studio focuses on private client commissioned furniture, objects and lighting as well as interior projects internationally.