Miranda Makaroff

Miranda Makaroff, born in Spain in 1984 to an Argentine father and a Spanish mother, was surrounded by a creatively vibrant environment from a young age. This nurturing atmosphere allowed her the freedom to explore various artistic mediums, leading her to develop a unique artistic language that integrates different art forms seamlessly. As a painter, sculptor, designer, and actress, Makaroff’s diverse interests shape her creative expression.

Her work has been featured at prestigious venues such as Moco Museum, Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, Mirat Projects Madrid, and Estudi Tur Costa in Ibiza, Spain, where she currently resides and showcases her art under the name of Pamplemousse. Makaroff's art effortlessly navigates between the playful and theatrical elements of the external world and the introspective depths of the inner self. Her dynamic approach seeks to uncover truths, delve into emotions, and embrace both light and darkness.

Celebrating the essence of womanhood, Makaroff's art explores a visual universe free from constraints, characterized by vibrant colors and a touch of whimsical humor. Her work reflects a diverse palette of influences, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and imagination.