Zoom Centerline Rug made from Wool & Silk.
Zoom Rectangle Centerline Rug

Rectangle Centerline Rug

Centerline Rug by J.t. Pfeiffer
Light brown/Black


Hand Tufted

Density: 100 knots

Finish: Cut Pile, Hand Carved

  • Customizable within palette of 1200 colors with beautiful shades and hues.
  • The composition of the rugs can be altered with different fibers including: Cashmere, Tibetan wool and Bamboo, Indian or Chinese Silk. These can be blended together in order to reach the right look and feel.
  • The carpets can be made with different techniques such as: Hand tufted and Hand knotted.
Lead time for this item is 6-8 weeks.

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Centerline Rug made from Wool & Silk.

Rectangle Centerline Rug