Projector Recommendation:

- Optima gt2100 HDR

Projector Mount Recommendation:

- Sanus VisionMount Projector Mount (Black)
- Epson Universal Projector Mount (White)
- QualGear QG Pro- PM 1.5” Threaded NPT Pipe Extension for desired height 


  • Suggested hanging height is measured from the center of the painting at 57” from the ground. If the painting is above furniture then the height will vary. 
  • Ceiling mount and the projector should be installed 4.5’ to 5’ away from the wall on which the painting is hung on. Depending on ceiling height (and especially if you have high ceilings), please try and have the projector to sit roughly 1’ above the height of the painting from the floor. It is ok if it is higher so long as you have full projection coverage of the painting when the projector is turned on. Please see the below diagram. 
  • Ensure that power is run to the projector with a plug extension to allow for at least two power connections, this is to ensure that both the projector and the MediaPlayer both are powered at the same time and to avoid running additional cables from the wall to the projector site. 
  • Make sure that when the Projector is turned on, it completely covers both the painting and the frame in projection light. If the projector is hung upside down, please refer to the manual about how to ensure that the image is flipped correctly, this is done typically using the remote that comes with the projector and can be found in the settings on the menu. It is recommended to do this step before installation otherwise you will have to read the menu upside down. 
  • Please refer now to the MediaPlayer Installation Guide.
           Note: If using the recommended projector mount - you can change the height of the projector by using the included extension, or by purchasing a 1.5” diameter NPT pipe extension from the included list, or any hardware store that sells 1.5” diameter threaded pipe - cut to the desired length.


  • Ensure that the table you wish to use as a projection stand is roughly 2’ below where you plan to place the painting.
  • Place the projector on the table in front of the wall you wish to hang the painting on and turn it on. Keep in mind that you may end up needing to shift the projector and table slightly back away from the wall in order to achieve the necessary size for the height of the painting. 
  • Using a small piece of tape or easily erasable marking device, mark the top and bottom of the visible screen on the wall. This will be the outer limits of where you can hang the painting inside of. 
  • Using the markings, please hang the painting within the boundaries of the projector light to ensure coverage. 
  • Turn the projector on and make sure that the projection is visible across the entire surface of the painting, adjust as necessary. 
  • Please refer now to the MediaPlayer Installation Guide. 


  • Connect the MediaPlayer to the projector using an HDMI cable. We recommend getting both a long 10’ cable and a short 3’ HDMI cable. The long cable will allow you to do the next steps easily away from the projector where you can better work through the next steps. Once the mapping is complete and you are happy with the result, the long HDMI can be replaced with a short HDMI to reduce clutter, especially if the projector is being hung. 
  • Plug the MediaPlayer in with the power cable provided, you will see a red light illuminate on the small box indicating that it is on and working. 
  • Turn the projector on and make sure that the projector is set to the correct hdmi input (often projectors will have 2 different HDMI inputs). Keep in mind, most 1projectors will do this automatically. You should see the MediaPlayer going through its warm up process. 
  • Once you see the image of the painting, the MediaPlayer is ready to use. 


  • Your MediaPlayer has 7 buttons, three colored ones at the top RED, YELLOW, BLUE and four directional buttons at the bottom, which when oriented with the colored buttons at the top will be referred to as UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. Please see the below diagram for reference.
  • If you see a white rectangle around an image of the painting when the projector is on, you are ready to go to the next step. If you do not see a white rectangle around the painting when the projector is on and it appears as though the video is playing, please press the RIGHT button on the MediaPlayer repeatedly until it is visible.
  • We will now try and make the image on screen match as closely to the painting on the wall. Please press the RED button once, you will see the words “MAPPING MODE” on screen, and you will now be able fit the image to the painting. By tapping the YELLOW and BLUE buttons, you can select which corner of the square you would like to move. BLUE will move the selection clockwise around the square, YELLOW will move the selection counterclockwise. Once you have selected the corner you would like, move it into place with the UP,DOWN,LEFT, and RIGHT buttons. By holding these buttons, you can make the corner point move faster. It is best to get a rough fitting of the painting first, and then to keep moving around the corners to get the image to fit precisely. Mapping an image like this takes time, so ensure you have at least 10-15 minutes available to get the image to work. You can use the white box around the image as a guide to fit the image to the painting.
  • When you are satisfied that the image has aligned with the painting well enough, please press the RED button again to turn off the MAPPING MODE. You can now select the video file by pressing the RIGHT button. The video should immediately begin playing.
  • To ensure that the video plays smoothly in loop, press the UP button until the words “PLAY MEDIA IN LOOP” appears.
  • If for any reason you need to refit the image to the painting, please go back to step 2 of this section.
  • Place the MediaPlayer in a safe place. If the projector is hung from the ceiling, we recommend that you use a 3’ HDMI cable and leave the MediaPlayer on top of the projector. You can safely disconnect the MediaPlayer power and HDMI without issue, the mapping will be saved when you reinstall. If the image with the white box appears when plugging in again, simply press the RIGHT button once to get back to the video.
  • If for any reason the image on the screen appears to be frozen, please unplug the device from power for 5 seconds and then plug it back in again, the device will reset and the video will resume playing.
  • If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to contact the artist.

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