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21°12”N Pendant


Acrylic & Aluminum

21°12”N is a sculptural pendant from the Optical Monuments collection. The Optical grounds it in physics and refers to the fact that the sculpture uses light in different ways to achieve different effects. The Monument takes it to implied fiction, symbolism and myth. It takes the attention a bit off of architecture in the literal sense of towers, but still relates to architecture in the symbolic, and formal way.

21°12”N Sculptural Pendant is customizable in a variety of heights:

  • H 10" (14") 
  • H 24" (28")  
  • H 36" (40") 
  • H 48" (52") 


Aluminum Fixture

W 2.5" x H 4.25"

Acrylic Sculpture

W 2" x H 10"

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21°12”N Pendant